Sup with it.

The title explains most of what this post is going to be about. So, to start off, welcome to my newly created blog with the help of this website WordPress. I never really had the idea of making a blog until I saw some pro Super Smash Bros. player creating one, talking about well of course smash, but some of their personal life. I was like, eh what the heck, why not. I always thought blogs were pretty cool, considering the writers behind them write so many personal things about themselves to share to the world. Back then and kind of still now, I never really wanted to “leak” information like that because like, I don’t want people to know all the details about me and its pretty weird that some people that you aren’t “true friends” with know so much about you. But, I guess that type of mentality will change as I write more here.

Moving on, let me introduce some things about myself. I don’t really do much during the week, other than play Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, browse through social media to find some QUALITY memes, and watch Youtube videos. That pretty much screams an indoor person. I never liked the outdoors, mainly because the area I live in, isn’t as exciting as like I don’t know, Florida(?). Anyway, in my opinion, it isn’t “fun” here. There’s like a few “squares” with some stores, and some mediocre malls. I have some mentality issues that I haven’t overcome yet (still working on it), and usually determines how my day is going to go. I’ll probably go more in depth on mentality in a later post. I’m pretty shy and sort of an introvert. I don’t have that much interests in social interaction, but I’ve been getting a little bit better. Usually, it takes me at the very least a week, very most a whole month, to get used to new people. Oh I almost forgot, the “Geru” tag/name. So my name is actually Geri, but I was given the nickname “Geru” by my friends last year. My friend that I’ll just put as the name “GC”, called me Geru because of the location Gerudo Valley, from the Legend of Zelda series. I hated it at first, but all my friends adapted it so I pretty much got used to it and I love it.

I don’t really have anything else to talk about so I guess I’ll end it here. The blog will be personally designed as time goes on. I haven’t created a schedule for when I’m going to post, so for now, I will be posting whenever I feel like it or I have actual interesting topics to discuss.  If you actually care about this blog for whatever reason, give a follow(?). Or at least I think that’s how it works here. AGAIN, I’M ALSO A BEGINNER AT THIS LOL. If you have any questions or topics to discuss, just look at my contacts and tell me there. This is me, signing out till the next blog. Hope you stop by again and enjoy! :]


Some possible upcoming topics (not guaranteed to be published posts):


-More details about myself

-My love for Super Smash Bros.

-The very few things I do when I actually go outside LOL.