So here is some of my ways of contact if you have other questions or somehow are interested in what I do idk  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:

Email: (I don’t really read emails, but if you have questions, you can go there maybe, I suggest like IG DMs tho)

Instagram: gerudough_valley (Personal account/Posts random stuff. This is one of the main sources to get in contact with me if you have questions about the blog)

Facebook/Messenger: geri.tenorio (I rarely use Facebook, but I use Messenger for school group chats.)

Discord: geruuu#7991 (If you are a degenerate like me and have a discord, lets get in touch! This is another method of communicating with me and is my main way of communications with friends and such. Warning: I change my tag all the time, so it might not be guaranteed you can find me.)