Hawaii was C R I S P!

Hello! I am back to writing more posts for the blog. For those who don’t know, I went to take a trip to the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii with my family. My first day was on Tuesday (7/18), and came back home on Sunday (7/23). I will be going over what events occurred and my personal opinion on the trip as a whole.

Day 1: Day 1 wasn’t too eventful due to the semi long flight to get there. If I recall, the flight was at 11 am (?) and my family and I got there around 2ish pm (?). All I know is that the flight was 5 hours and since I live on the West Coast of the US, Hawaii time was 3 hours back. So, in a sense, I time traveled… not really. Also, my step dad booked us FIRST CLASS SEATS. I’d always thought those seats were expensive af and only for “certain kinds of people”. In reality, its just a couple hundred dollars more and everyone looks “normal”. In first class, you’re treated as if you f*cking mattered (or at least that is what it felt like LOL). Actual GOOD food was served and the seats were great. Overall, amazing experience on a plane. Moving on, my family took a bus to get to our hotel. We came to realize the hotel didn’t have our room ready. We were forced to wait about an hour, so we decided to walk around. Typically, some locations have a store that is pretty much on every street. For example, when I went to the Philippines with my mother and my brother, nearly every street had a Jolibee. For those who don’t know what Jolibee is, its a Filipino restaurant that serves well, Filipino food (and some American food). In Hawaii, there is a store simply named, ABC Store. This store included, everything. Clothes, food, beverages, souvenirs, swimming items, the whole package. Everything you would see in a mall, all in one decently sized store. These stores were on every nook and cranny of where my hotel was at. Surprisingly, all stores had a different “shape”. Their purpose were all the same, but one store would be huge, one would be circular, etc.  After looking through some stores, we decided to sit on some benches near the beach. You see, the hotel and the beach were literally right next to each other. You simply just had to cross the street and you are already on the beach. Some birds came by and swarmed my family. They were like “Sup”. Once an hour passed by, we got to go into our hotel room. Our room was on the 18th floor, and since it was near the beach, the views would be godlike. We open the door and see a “meh” kind of room. It wasn’t bad by any means, just looked kind of outdated. I mean, there was a Playstation 3 for entertainment LMAO. Although the room was mediocre, the views were 11/10. You got to on a balcony and see the beautiful ocean and the town of Waikiki. My family had the chance to unpack everything and relax for a bit. My step dad then noticed a bird on our balcony. It was very calm and looked curious. I was told to give this bird some crumbs off of this biscuit called Biscoff. I proceeded to give it to the bird and it enjoyed it. Thinking it was a cool bird, I named him Ben (or Benjamin). A few hours pass and the whole family decided to go to the beach for a swim. The beach was jam packed with people, but fortunately we found a spot to put all our stuff. We went into the crystal clear teal water. It felt amazing. The water wasn’t too deep, at most like 4-5 feet, and since it was all natural salt water, its near impossible for an adult to drown in it. After a long hour of fun in the water, we decided to eat at this restaurant called Tiki’s Bar and Grill. This restaurant had some very delicious food (ex: A burger with a fried crab (the whole crab) on a Taro Bun). After the dinner, nothing much happened afterwards, thus ending Day 1.

Day 2: Day 2 began with a breakfast at this restaurant called “Eggs n Things”. It was about 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel. It was quite small, and a line was formed just to make reservations inside. The menu was this laminated white paper with different dish options in the front and more dish options along with beverages. Consisting of English and Japanese text, there was a whole variety of food to choose from. I ordered a spinach and bacon omelette with a side of pancakes and a pineapple iced tea as a drink. The food was absolutely great and the pancakes were god tier. After the breakfast, my family decided to walk around the area and go “window shopping”. Aka, buy souvenirs and all that fun jazz. Shopping ended and we went back to our hotel room. Ben actually came over again and being the homie that he is, I fed him some more crumbs off of the same cookie. As an hour or so passed, my family heads off to this “flea market” of some sorts. It was 5 minutes away and the atmosphere was quite interesting. The buildings looked like something that come from Disney Land, but has a more “rustic and old” feel to them. The walkways were cramped AF. You can barely walk. Not only because there are some many people, but the food stands and the souvenir stands. The walkway led to an upstairs area which had more shops. I got the chance to get some sweet shirts while as I was there, so pretty happy about that. After the market, that ended Day 2.


Day 3: Day 3 was also pretty “chill and uneventful” the first half of the day. I did get to try shaved ice in Hawaii. I can’t quite remember what the flavor was called, but it consisted of like 6 different flavors like Banana, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, etc. I also got the chance to try Malasadas, which are pretty much just donuts, but focusing more on fluffiness and less flavor. My family then proceeded to go to the beach. So, at the beach, there are different sections in which people can swim in. One of them was open space galore. There was so much room, but the water was much deeper than the other sections. The waves were stronger as well. The worst part about this section in particular was the shore. The shore had so many rocks and other sharp objects that my feet got destroyed from. Never again. After messing around for half the day, around 4 pm, my family got to go to a luau. If you don’t know what a luau is, the idea of it just a Hawaiian get together. Eat and talk to practically strangers and enjoy the entertainment given. In my opinion, and also my parents, it was ok at best. I mean, the food was good, and entertainment was alright, but it wasn’t as “hype” as we thought it would be. One thing I actually, as of writing this, forgot talking was the culture in Hawaii. Of course the luau, consisted of traditional entertainment like the dances and the crazy fire spinning tricks. And of course the people that went to the luau, people from all around the world. The types of people in Hawaii were more “set” if that makes any sense. Where I am from, you see a variety of different ethnic groups everywhere you go. In Hawaii, variety isn’t really there. Not to offend anyone, its more just an observation on my part (if you do get triggered, sorry, also if I am wrong, sorry and please inform me, would love to know more). Here is my rundown on what groups were there. 50% were white people, 45% were Asians (notably Japanese and Korean), and 5% being “Other”. I assume its just probably culture that makes the population like that, idk. It was just very interesting to me and didn’t really mind it at all. The people there were really kind and friendly, which felt very welcoming. Another thing, LOL. I am just remembering all of this right now. CAN I TALK ABOUT THE AESTHETIC CUPS THEY HAVE THERE. I don’t know if any of you remember, but there was this Solo Brand cup that was sold frequently back in the day. The design was wavy, consisting of purple, teal and blue. If you don’t know what I am talking about, search up “jazz solo cup”. Anyway, seeing that cup again after so many years, it was amazing. I like how I went from ethnic groups to cups LMAOOO.


Day 4: Day 4 was more of an “exploration day”. Some of relatives back home wanted some items that are Hawaii Exclusive (ex “Li-Hing Gummy Bears”, (li hing is practically dried plum)). My family had to search many many places just get certain items like that. We would look in malls and stores that would make sense for items like those to be in. After about an hour – hour and a half, we found the items at this place called “Longs”. Longs aka A FCKING CVS. I will admit though this “CVS” was cool since it was double storied and neat. After exploring, I, of course, wanted more shaved ice. That day I got strawberry banana and it was fcking good. Walking back home and then my family proceeded to take a swim at the beach (the shallow one that doesn’t hurt your feet LOL).  Chilling for a couple of hours, we decided to eat some dinner at this burger joint called Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. It was nothing too special except for the shake. OH MY GOD. At the place, they served many different shakes. One that I ordered was Nutella flavored. HOLY SHT. THAT WAS THE MOST GODLIKE SHAKE I EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE. They made the shake like how it should be made. Just ice cream along with the flavor’s ingredients, and simply just mixing them. Where I come from, people are suuuuppper lazy when it comes to making shakes. They make shakes with milk and blending it. Thats called a milkshake, but they think of it as a normal shake. Smh. I mean, its still delicious regardless, but not the same. Dinner ended and my step dad wanted to take a break and do nothing. My mom and I wanted to explore more of the area, so we did. In Hawaii, business is at its peak during the night time. It was very weird because back home, business occurs mainly in the noon and slowly dissipates. In Hawaii, you get swarmed by people during the night. My mom and I explored the different stores and got ice cream at this place called Magnolia. Magnolia is an ice cream business, and is very popular in the places like the Philippines. Knowing that its fairly popular to our kind LOL, we had get some. I got Ube (aka purple yams) and it was C R I S P. I love ube, so good. My mom and I proceeded to walk about 2-5 miles. So far to the point where my mom got lost and I had to act as a gps. Also, the humidity in Hawaii stupid. The temperatures can be average (like 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit), but the humidity makes it feel like 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Walking back home, that concludes Day 4.

Day 5: Day 5 had barely any highlights if I remember. My family had to pack everything and make sure we could actually bring everything when we fly back. We went exploring later on, but nothing exciting. Day 5 was uneventful.

Day 6: Day 6 was sad for me. I had to leave my friend Ben behind. I fed him one last time in the morning and got to say goodbye to him. I miss him a lot, and I even set my phone’s wallpaper as Ben. That’s how much he meant to me. Since my family had a couple of hours to kill, we looked around the area one last time. I was able to scoop up a sick Hawaii jacket before we left, and I was happy that because my recent one was wearing down. We took a bus to the airport around 10 am. Our flight didn’t board and fly till 12:30 pm and 1:15 respectively. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get first class, but got premium seats. They weren’t the greatest, but better than normal seating to say the least. The plane landed at 9 pm and that was it. Back to the normal house, with my dog that my family missed a lot. Thus, ending the trip at Oahu, Hawaii. Overall, the trip was fantastic. I’d give it 8.5/10. Great experience and would want to visit Hawaii again. I’d probably go to a different island like Maui.

Thank you for reading! Funny thing is that I actually started writing this last week, but got lazy and pushed it back. Really glad I got to finish this one and now I can write about more topics! Sorry for just leaving you guys hanging. Or you probably didn’t care….. Whatever. Here’s to more topics! Give me ideas to make this blog run! Also if you have any comments, make sure to give me some! Have a  g o o d  d a y! :]


Upcoming Topics in the Future:

-Friends (in general and why I love them)

-School (since its coming up)

-Opinions (general idea and some of mine)

-Life being Life (my ups and downs with it, also philosophies)


The Vast World of the Internet

On your mark, get set! We’re riding on the Internet! Cyberspace, sets-free. Hello virtual reality. Interactive appetite, searching for a web site. A window to the world that to get online. Take a spin, now you’re in with the techno set: You’re going surfing on the Internet! Hello peeps once again! Today I will be talking about, of course, the internet. I’ll be going over my perspective on it and why it is “a good and bad thing”.

Ah the Internet. A system used all around the world that holds so much in it. It makes certain tasks easier, whether for researching, or simply using it for entertainment. A lot of what we’ve known today is all because of this creation. Main thing being Social Media, which I’ll get into in a bit. I got exposed to the Internet pretty late. I was never fond of computers, I’d prefer handhelds like the Nintendo DS and sometimes consoles. Until I was around 9, my mom showed me what the Internet was. At the time, I just thought it was a way for me to play games (whether at home or those games they allow you to play at school, SHOUTOUTS TO COOLMATHGAMES.COM LOL). Eventually overtime, I understood the main premise around it. Search whatever you need on a search engine, and then you can go on from there. I also got to learn what “sketchy websites” were and those ads where you shoot the iPads and “win a free one”. Luckily, I was smart enough to not put in fcking personal information and moved on to whatever I was doing. And, here I am now. The Internet is sort of my “escape”. I got sites like Youtube, social medias of course, and obviously this blog. Its pretty cool to think about, “all” that you need in one “little” system right?

Some of you may agree with me on those positive things, having entertainment and making tasks much more simple within a few clicks. Well, that my friend is only the surface. What do you mean “surface”? The Internet isn’t all sunshines and rainbows. It gets “hectic” to say the least the more you go further. Personally, I haven’t gone that farm, I’ve only heard/researched about what is “down there”. A couple of weeks ago, a Youtuber (not gonna name, but you can probably find the video I’m talking about), streamed their journey of the deep web. The process to just get there is severely difficult. Since the deep web holds a bunch of viruses and malware and that “fun” jazz, you would have to go out of your way to set up software like virtual machines and Tor Browser, changing ip addresses, and messing with some settings on your computer that’s hard to access alone. Once that heavily long process is done, you’re introduced to possibly life scaring things on there. Illegal markets for drugs and assassinations, having the ability to use the most powerful currency ever in Bitcoins, and the most horrific section that being the “adult section” (can pretty much know what that means). Its funny, because all of that is still accessible. The government or anyone in general hasn’t taken any of that down for who knows why. If you’re for some reason interested in this, you can search that stuff up by yourself. Let it be known, it will change your perspective on certain things.

Another issue with the Internet is Social Media. Most of the world has some sort of Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all of that fun stuff. Some people say that it ruins society yada yada yada. Sad thing is some of those types of people are hypocrites but thats for another day. And since young kids and teens are using social media, they of course get exposed to “Cyber Bulling”. Ok, let me be real. I think Cyber Bullying as a issue is really stupid. I know its a huge problem, it caused people to commit suicide and or push their mental health to the brink of thinking about that type of thing. But, the thing is, its not that hard to prevent. If you’re on the computer, there’s a thing called the power button. That applies to phones, tablets, etc. Its really not that difficult to “run away from”. If you “really enjoy social media”, then you can just block/mute/report people. It may seem inescapable and it seems you can’t make this person stop because you don’t know where/what they are. Here’s my philosophy on it. If you can’t handle ONE bad comment, then you mostly can’t use the Internet. Trolls do exist because they want to make themselves feel good because they think “they’re better than you”. Come on now, you and I both know they don’t matter and you’re obviously going places unlike them. You have greatness, and don’t let things like that get into your head. :]. That got a bit too real, uhhhhhhhh yeah.

The Internet is a wacky place filled with its ups and downs. Was its invention the greatest thing in the world? Maybe. Was it a mistake? Possibly. All I know is that it exists and you can’t change that. Oh, I almost forgot. Net Neutrality. If you don’t know what that means, its basically a concept that Internet providers allow everything to be accessible on the Internet whether its source is good or bad. Now that I think about it, thats probably why the deep web is accessible…. Nevermind. From my understanding, if this concept is “removed”, surfing the internet wouldn’t be the same. If you wanted to go on a certain website, there could be a chance that you would pay money to your service provider just to view it if Net Neutrality wasn’t a thing. So the Internet and a whole bunch of its big names like Discord, Netflix, etc are trying to get as many supporters as possible to keep Net Neutrality. For more information, there are a lot of websites for you to sign up like this one BattleForTheNet.

Now, I think that is everything I wanted to talk about for today. Thank you for reading! Again, there will be no posts next week due to me going to Hawaii and having no access to my computer, so yeah. Hope you enjoyed and give me ideas on topics plz! :] Have a      g o o d  d a y.


Upcoming Topics:

-Random Opinions (Opinions and how it works nowadays)

-Beginners Guide to Competitive Smash (where/what to watch, etc)

-Hawaii (after my trip)


EVO!!!! (Evolution 2017)

Hello peeps! Ik I missed Thursday last week. ;-;.  Things always come up and its annoying. But! I think I found I solution on putting these posts on time! In a couple of days, EVO 2017 is coming up. For those who don’t know what EVO is, EVO (or Evolution) is a tournament series hosted every year. The special thing about EVO is that its considered to be “the largest fighting game tournament” of the year. For every fighting game community (FGC), EVO is a pretty big deal for competition. Players from around the world come together at one tournament with one goal only, to win.

EVO is not only a big deal to fighting game competitors, but also to spectators like myself. Since EVO is such a big deal, you want to see high level and entertaining gameplay. EVO is all about bringing the hype every year, and you want to see if it can meet your expectations. As for people new to fighting games, there’s a whole variety of fighting games at EVO that may spark some interest. There some you may have heard before like Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., and Tekken. And there are some you may haven’t even heard of like BlazBlue, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Injustice.

If you are actually interested to see what this tournament has to offer, watch some of them live on Twitch.tv. Some of the fighting games I just mentioned will be on the front page of Twitch for you to watch. The tournament starts on July 14-July 16. As for me, I will be watching from home and enjoying every minute of it. Give it a shot! That’s really all I had to say for today! Also note, on July 18-July 23(?), I will be in Hawaii with my family. So there will not be any posts at all that until I get back. Another thing, give me some ideas to talk about like always! It what keeps the blog running! Thanks for reading and have a g o o d day! :]


Upcoming Topics:

-The Internet (general idea of it)

-Random Opinions (Opinions and how it works nowadays)

-Beginners Guide to Competitive Smash (where/what to watch, etc)

-Hawaii (after my trip)


Know Thy Creator! (sorry 4 being late ;-;)

Hello peeps. Uhhhh, yeah. Kind of missed last week without saying anything kind of. I did make 1 post. But, it didn’t really count as a post… FINE. I didn’t post “much” or anything like “exciting”(?) idk. Some things came up (ex being 4th of july, eventhough i my family didn’t do much other than watch movies..) and didn’t have the ability to make a post on Thursday. I did make one Tuesday, but it wasn’t exciting at all. Today I will be talking about myself so you guys can get to know me. Knowing this has been done before, I’ll just grab the general questions from all the other ones that exist and add some of my own.

  1. Name: Geri (Insert last name here). I also go by Geru and sometimes Cern. Cern is a semi messed up story so I’m not gonna explain that one lmao.
  2. Favorite Show/Movie: Picking specifically ONE favorite show is difficult. Like, if a gun was pointed towards my head and you asked me what my favorite show was, I would be dead. For now, I’ll list some that are close to my heart. Code Lyoko, Teen Titans (original), Iron Man Armored Adventures, Spongebob Squarepants (first 5 seasons), Fairly Odd Parents (when it was good), and a whole bunch more. Most of the shows were either originated or aired in “kid channels” like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, and DisneyXD (also was known as Jetix back in the day ;-;). Favorite movie has to be Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. Some people hate the prequels, but episode 3 in particular is too nostalgic for me, and always love that movie despite its flaws.
  3. Favorite Song: Similar to the favorite show, its challenging to pick one song only. But, if I had to pick one only, I’d say Down by Jay Sean. 2009 BOYS (WHEN POP MUSIC WAS AT ITS PEAK IMO).
  4. Best Childhood Memory: There isn’t one I have in particular, its more of a “long lasted” type of thing. I used to have a passion for LEGO, building and playing with them. Those were a huge part of my childhood, and I enjoyed them till I grew up and lost interest in them.
  5. Phobias or Fears in General: I fear of failure all the time. ALL THE TIME. Also, I don’t like heights and creepypasta stuff. Oh, and the deep/dark web. Never watching ANYTHING in regards of that ever again.
  6. Hobbies: If you consider surfing the internet and playing Smash as a hobby then yeah. That’s about it. I can cook as well. SEE ME WHEN I MAKE GRILLED CHEESE!1!!!!!!
  7. Most Cringe Moment: I’ve done so many cringe worthy stuff and I haven’t even been on this planet for 21 years yet. Every now and then, I get “cringe attacks”. Cringy things that I did in the past suddenly pop up in my mind and I get goosebumps LOL. That’s how bad it is. The worst thing I’ve done was either in Kindergarten or First grade. The whole class sat on those “play mats” with the streets with cars and houses. The teacher was reading a book or something I don’t recall. Me being stupid and unsanitary, I start licking like the top of my elbow. I DON’T KNOW WHY OK. It was a good 3 minutes till the teacher saw and everyone else were staring at me. The look my teacher gave was like “disappointment”. My dumba** was just like what’s wrong. Ughhhhhhhh.
  8. Things I Like: Food (pretty much try anything), Smash Bros, indoors (introverted a** LOL), technology (software/hardware), Water (the only thing I drink unless I have delicious juice in my fridge, but that’s rare), music (I’ll try to listen to most music), Sour Patch Watermelon (best candy FREE), and memes (GOOD MEMES).
  9. Things I Dislike: When the atmosphere is “sad” (if the room is filled with sad people or angry people, it gets really uncomfortable), being depressed (f*** that sh*t), failure (like explained before), working hard just to get a bad result (me the past 4 years), and bad memes (Ex: that spongebob one where he repeats the caption, anything that originated from IFunny, etc)
  10. What I want/wanted to be when I grow up: When I was younger, I loved watching action packed shows with superheroes because I thought they were cool with all their powers and weapons. I basically wanted to be just like them, specifically a Power Ranger. Red Ranger of course, because he’s the leader and most of the time the cool one. Nowadays, I’m looking towards something in software engineering or a job in the Esports industry.
  11. Embarrassing Moment: Just a few months after my parents divorced when I was 5-6, I missed my biological dad a lot at the time. One time, my mom brought me to the mall to pick up something. While walking, I see a stranger that looked like my dad. Thinking it WAS my dad, I ran towards the man and hugged him. He was very confused and my mom had to run and get me. UGHGHGHGHGHGHG
  12. Personality Traits: I’m shy if I don’t know who you are. If I do know you, I express myself more. I’m obnoxious and loud. My laugh sounds like a dying dolphin, and I’ll try my best in most things. I’m also honest in terms of personal life, but that’s if I can trust you with information like that.
  13. Random Fact that I know that no one else possibly does: If you are under 18 and live in the US, you can travel to any state in the US without a passport or ID.
  14. Favorite Meme: Verbose. If you don’t know what that is, here’s an example.Image result for verbose
  15. Craziest Moment: Back in the 6th grade, my friends used to dare each other to do stupid tasks for points, the person with the most points would win the game. I was in the lead and one of my friends dared me to eat either a brownie or cookie off of the playground structure. Keep in mind, this thing was there for 3 days(?), and ants were on it and it was mushed. MY DUMBA** ACTUALLY ATE IT AND WON. Was it worth it at the time, maybe. Was it stupid and unsanitary, yes. Did I feel good afterwards, surprisingly yes.
  16. Favorite Video Game: There are a ton of video games that are super nostalgic and close to my heart. But, there’s one that I’ll always remember playing. Pokemon Heartgold. Not only it was my first Pokemon game, but it was the longest game for me to complete. For anyone who’s played that game or Soulsilver, you know how hard it is to grind for EXP. I spent nearly a year I believe to beat the game to the fullest, aka beat Trainer Red. Despite being a hard game, it was really fun and got me into the Pokemon franchise.
  17. Milk First or Cereal First: Ok, so there’s people out there pouring milk first. I can semi understand, but cereal first is my preferred method. BUT! THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO POUR THE MILK FIRST, MICROWAVE THE MILK, AND THEN POUR THE CEREAL. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT NEED TO BE HUNTED DOWN.
  18. Bucket List: I’ve actually made a page long bucket list, but most of it is very personal. I’ll share a few of them though. Make 1 song/remix/mashup, Keep at most 10 plushes from childhood, One day, go on a shopping spree and buy anything,Get better at drawing, Get better at calligraphy, Recite 100 digits of pi, Bingewatch a series successfully, Donate money to any research
  19. Have I been out of state?: Only once, and that place was the Philippines like 7 years ago. Soon, my family will be going to Hawaii :].
  20. Other Random Facts: I couldn’t speak at all when I was 3 because my household had 3 different languages (English, Spanish, and Tagalog), this blog is technically not my first website because I was forced to make a website in a Computer Science class (shoutouts to my CS teacher “Mr.A”), I technically don’t have a “bedroom” to call my own (I have a foldable bed in my “living room”), I’ve never had Boba in my life, I love having plushes of Pokemon or other video game characters, my “gamertag” in the 5th grade was “CheesePsycho” because I for some reason loved saying “I like cheese” (UUGUGUGHGHGUHGUHGHGUGHUGHGUHGUHGUGHUGUGHUGHGUGH CRINGE HURTS BUT THATS LIFE), other than water, the best drink for me is Dr. Pepper (cherry), other than Smash or Pokemon there hasn’t been other games that I’m eager to play, however I do like watching games like Tekken, Hearthstone, and other Nintendo games from time to time. And, for the final random fact. TT. That’s all I’m going to say. If you know what that is, I feel slightly embarrassed, but at the same time, I give you props for knowing what that is.

That wraps up about everything I wanted to say! Again, sorry for delaying a post for quite a bit, I’ll try to make this a priority when Tuesdays and Thursdays come around! Also, hope you had a nice 4th of July! Cause America! Freedom to use fireworks eventhough they are illegal! YEAH! Alright, alright, I’ll let you be. Give me topics to talk about! Could range from things you think should be discussed or anything in general as long as its blog worthy. Thanks for reading! :]


Upcoming Topics:

-The Internet (general idea of it)

-Random Opinions (Opinions and how it works nowadays)

-Beginners Guide to Competitive Smash (where/what to watch, etc)

-EVO (tournament series)


Schedules & Topics

Hello! I don’t have a “legit” topic to talk about today. That and I was being lazy…again. So, I’m going to make this short and talk more about scheduling and possible topics for the future.


I will make posts every Tuesday and Thursday. There maybe some posts during the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). As of 6/27/17, this will “hopefully” remain consistent until school starts back up again which would be early August 2017. Once school starts, it would convert to weekend posts only.

*Another thing, there is a possibility I might not be able to post due to me possibly going out of state with my family around late July. Just a heads up! :]


Topics pretty much run this entire thing. If you are interested in this blog or want me to touch upon a topic, give me ideas to write about. If I think the idea would make a good post, then I’ll use your idea and even credit you at the very beginning of the post. What is considered “good”, is all up to me. So yeah. GIVE ME IDEAS K THX

Here are some that are going to be covered later on:

-More about me

-The Internet (general idea of it)

-Random Opinions (Opinions and how it works nowadays)

-Beginners Guide to Competitive Smash (where/what to watch, etc)

That’s about it! Ty for reading. :]

Mentality (My Biggest Demon)

Hi people! Its been a couple days since my last blog post where I talked about Smash Bros. Um, honestly, I’ve been wanting to make this post for a couple days now, but I have been really lazy. During those times being lazy, I decided to at least make ideas on what I’m going to say in this post. Today, I will be talking about the biggest hurdle in my life (so far). That being mentality. “the characteristic attitude of mind or way of thinking of a person or group.”, mentality has always been a struggle for me since 2013 (aka 4ish or a little more years). In this post, I’m going to discuss my journey with this issue, how it impacted my life, and the lessons I learned from it.

Imagine a small ball, and overtime it grows when you don’t want it to. That’s how mentality has been for me ever since 2013. 2013 was around my 5th and 6th grade years of school. 5th grade was actually my first time trying to focus on my “studies” or whatever you consider studies in the 5th grade. Before I didn’t really try as I didn’t care too much about school. If you were a parent, you would probably be like “I ain’t gonna let my child be a dumba** when he/she grows up”. That was pretty much my mom. Like most parents, she would take away things like my games and whatnot if I wasn’t successful in school. Not wanting my stuff taken away from me, I had to go tryhard. It actually payed off in the end. I got a taste of what being a “A+ student” was for the first time. I felt a sense of accomplishment and my mom was super proud of me. I didn’t get any sort of bad grade the entire year, so I never experienced what “failure” was. The more I think about it, that was kind of a mistake to be trying hard that year. Next year was kind of mixed, I was either getting As or like Cs or Ds. The Cs and Ds mainly came from tests exclusively, barely anything else. Since at the time, we were forced to show our parents the papers that were graded, I got yelled at alot. My mom was pretty disappointed when I came back home with a low grade. It was my first time experiencing what failure was. I never liked being yelled at, and to this day, I still hate being yelled at by someone. My mom got furious, and I would think I have “failed” her and I was a worthless son. This is where my mindset on things started to get shaky. Eventually, my mom caught on with me being super sad and scared whenever I don’t meet up to her expectations. She decided to take it a bit easy on me, (ty mom btw), and she stook with that since.

After 6th, I was pretty much normal. I didn’t care if I failed, I just told myself oh well, there’s more options that can you do to redeem yourself. I wasn’t stressing on my grades too much, so my mentality in 7th wasn’t bad. However though, I was quite the “rager”. Aka, I got mad at almost everything that I what I thought was offensive to me or just in general. I don’t know why, but I got mad at everything except grades LOL. Looking back its pretty funny, because I was literally mad for no reason at times. Everything was just fun and games. Idk, for some reason I took things super seriously in moments where it I really shouldn’t. I assume it was just growing up, and it took me the entire year to realize I am an idiot. In general, 7th grade was pretty chill for me as a person, and was a good year overall.

Now we get onto 8th grade, aka 2015-2016, aka 2016, the worst year of my life (so far at least ;-;). This was the year my mentality became “unstable” to put it the least. To this day, it still kind of hurts to talk about 2016 and what happened that year. And the thing is, if you looked at my 2016 on paper, it wasn’t too bad. Just some unfortunate events here and there. Well, if you got the full context of my 2016, which I will only explain at least most of it and not all of it because I don’t really want to spill the full beans unless I know you at bare minimum 90% well, then you can understand how it was horrible towards my mental state. Most of my close friends (they know who they are), know the full story of what happened. So, to the new readers, here’s most of the story. Beginning of 8th grade wasn’t all too bad, it felt like 7th grade but I fixed most of my anger issues. It wasn’t until November, I decided to do what I think now was really fcking stupid. To cover up the “full details”, I decided to go for a “random goal” (yeah my friends know where this is heading). At first I didn’t think too much into it. I was like, “Eh, its whatever, might be possible idk”. Overtime, it took a tole on me. I started to feel like I can’t accomplish this goal of mine, and started to doubt myself. This is when the “ball” I mentioned early grew to its peak. 2016 starts as a 8th grader, and I begin spiraling into the void of “limbo”. Limbo is a place where, in my perspective, you have 0 faith in yourself as a person, ignore what good things you’ve done in your life, and focus on the bad and call yourself a failure 24/7. I begun to wake up in the morning super depressed, but I would try to hide it at school. I began to distance myself from social interaction with friends, I ate way less (AND I LOVE FOOD). I thought every quality about myself was poor, I had no motivation. My friends would worry about me, but I wouldn’t reply. Even the things that made me happy like playing games or whatever, I had no interest in doing them. Comes February-March of 2016 and all of a sudden my mentality kept changing. Some days I would be super depressed or I would actually be happy and have confidence. It was weird, fluctuating between those two types of mindsets. I didn’t understand how I was suppose to feel at this rate. I also had a long depression cycle during those months, and I didn’t say a word to anyone about my issue. I eventually made this journal, of what my issues were and this “goal” I was so fixated on. I would share it here, buuuutttttttt, it is WAY TOO PERSONAL, like REALLY PERSONAL. My closest friends haven’t even seen it. As of right now (1:36 pm 6/22), reading the journal I made hurts my soul. And I don’t visit it because I always get PTSD from 2016. Anyways, back on track. Middle of March-April, I started to feel a little more “myself”. I stuck with a mindset of “lets see what happens”. Failure did look scary to me still, but not as much. I had great friends that distracted me from all of the depression I had. In my opinion, if I had never went to my friends, I would either be still depressed or even dead. I have to thank them alot, especially dealing with me being “emo” and stuff. Those months were actually a reliever, I thought the mentality issues were gone.

May of 2016, is where everything went crashing down, turning into broken pieces of my hopes and dreams. The “goal” I set myself that year, I wasn’t able to accomplish it. I felt like a total loser. I tried my best to see if I can do it, and all of it went downhill. And that type of mindset carried on all the way from June-September of 2016. When I just wanted to be happy, my mentality pretty much said no. It was something I couldn’t control, and not having control made it 10x worse. That summer was just pure sadness that I don’t want to go back to again.  2016-2017 was 9th grade. First half, I still was a bit shaky from the summer and 8th grade so I was kind of sad during the first few months. The middle portion of the year, I felt normal, just focusing on not failing at school. The ending portion was mixed. Some days were good, some days were…yeah you get the point. And now, I am here writing this.

My mentality nowadays, is going I think pretty well. I know I still have a lot of things to improve on, but I have a general idea on what my mindset should be. If failure happens, oh well thats life. Some great things are there in life, it just takes time and patience. If I ever got “tilted”, I would just think that things are going to be fine. Failures happen for a reason and better and amazing things are out there for everyone. As for your inner demons, you can’t 100% conquer and beat them to the point where they never come back. They will always be there. Its just how you handle them later in life that makes you “beat them”, not letting them stop you from being happy and, who you are. :]

Thank you for reading ! :]. It was difficult to write all of this because I don’t like looking back at these types of things, but hey. It might’ve been long for you to read, and you probably skipped most of it LOL. I just think there is some things that you can either relate to, or even learn idk. So, I guess that sums up about everything I wanted to say. Oh, I actually think I have a schedule in mind for this blog. I want to post at least 2 times a week, so expect a post every Tuesday and Thursday. I also need ideas for future posts please!!!!! So lmk what you want me to talk about. I also have “music of the week”. I think for mobile, MotW shows up at the very bottom of the website. So check there if you want to know my music taste and make fun of it. If you want to recommend music to me as well, that’s appreciated as well! I’m willing to listen to most music. Now I think I have everything I wanted to cover. Thanks for stopping by! :]


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Smash Brothers, a game like no Else

Hello people! So, originally I was going to make a blog post discussing mentality, and how it has been kind of a “hurdle” in my life, buutttttt, a tournament series called 2GoodGamingChampionship (2GGC), hosted a tournament called Nairo Saga. This tournament was specifically based off the top Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (or SSB4) player Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada , and was considered a big tournament due to the attendees there. I’m a fan of Super Smash Bros., so I pretty much had to watch it in most of its entirety. I can gladly say, watching it, especially Top 8 singles, was SUPER AMAZING. Probably the best Top 8 for SSB4 in 2017 since Frostbite (another tournament) imo. Nairo Saga’s top 8 was amazing in my opinion because, literally, everyone in the top 8, both winners side and losers side, played absolutely phenomenal. The gameplay was stunning to watch, and the commentary was fantastic and very informative. I highly suggest watching the top 8, (if you have the time of course), right here once you finish reading the blog post.

From looking at the first paragraph and pretty much the title, I will be talking about Super Smash Brothers, and why I love it so much. For the people who were confused on what the hell I was talking about in the first paragraph up to now, Super Smash Brothers is a video game series that includes a diverse cast from the Nintendo Universe (like Mario, Link, Pikachu, Samus, Ness, etc), as well as third party characters (like Pac-Man, Megaman, Sonic, etc). The object of the 4 part series is fighting opponents in a “type of box” or stage, and seeing who can deal more percentage. You would think that “Health bars” would be a thing in the game, and whoever reaches zero health wins. Smash Bros is a “tad” different. Each player has a percentage, starting at 0%. The more attacks you deal to the opponent, they gain percentage. Once they are high enough, lets say 110%, the more likely they are going to be blasted farther towards the “end sides of the boxes” or blastzones. You usually repeat the process whether it is timed during casual play to see who can get the most “stocks” or lives, or use the competitive format, which is usually different throughout all games. Smash Bros. was never really intended to be competitive, it wanted to be a party game that you can play with friends and family. I’m pretty sure most of you reading this are in that audience, but another audience built a foundation which later became “the competitive Smash Bros. scene”.

The competitive scene really didn’t exist until Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube came out in 2001. Once that scene became “huge” or what considered huge for competitive gaming around 2005, the competitive drive spread through the “new releases” and years in Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Nintendo Wii (2008), and Super Smash Brothers for Wii U/3DS (2014). While Brawl doesn’t really have competitors playing it anymore, Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64 (1999) as well as both Melee and Wii U still is trying to reach the level of eSports other games have like Street Fighter, League of Legends, etc. Its still very shocking that 64 and mainly Melee is still trying to improve and grow after SO MANY YEARS. The dedication the Smash community has is beyond anything else. Tournament settings were hosted in churches, basements, all the obscure places you think of to have a “competitive” what was meant to be party game being held at. Now a days, tournaments are hosted in huge venues and theaters. The community lives and dies for this franchise, because its different from other titles. Its special to us, it changed some of our lives.

Now that you semi understand some history on Smash, I can now discuss my journey with the game and why I love it so much. At that time, that time being 2012-2015, I was always a handheld type of person. I loved Pokemon at the time, I mean I still do, but not as much as before. I’d play Pokemon pretty much everyday, whether casually or competitive. Yes, Pokemon has a competitive scene as well LOL. Anways, I was never really interested in fighting games. I always thought they would be super complicated to learn, so I never really wanted to try them out. I heard about Smash Bros. around 2014 I believe, by one of my friends. They told me it was a great fighting game, but once I heard those words, I immediately lost interest. I actually got to play one of the installments, that being Melee, for the first time in 2014. I remember most of what happened. It was at my friend’s house, and we just finished a science fair project I think. We sat down to play Melee, because I never played it and my friend loved it. He gave me this confusing looking controller, which I would eventually know as a Gamecube controller. Once the game was booted up, I saw the roster of characters. I had no clue what in the world most of the characters were. I only knew Mario characters and Pokemon characters. Everything else I didn’t know who they were. I picked either Jigglypuff/Pikachu/or Mewtwo, don’t exactly remember. My friend selected the stage “Battlefield”, which was a stage that included 3 floating platforms, and had a space themed background. Not knowing how to play, I did the most optimal thing when you don’t know how to play a fighting game. MASH ALL THE BUTTONS ON THE CONTROLLER. After like 5 minutes, I was pretty much done with the game and said this is impossible to play. I would be informed that I actually ruined my friend’s controller the next day lmao. I hadn’t touched any sort of Smash game since.

In summer of 2015, I decided to try it out since my newly made friend played it alot. Yes, I have friends btw. WOW WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT. Anyway, I had a 3DS, and Smash Brothers for 3DS existed. I decided, lets try this out again. So, I got the demo version on my 3DS. There was very limited options in the demo, and only 4 characters to choose from (Mario, Pikachu, Link, and Megaman). I decided to choose Link because I always had a fascination with sword type characters. I always wanted a lightsaber from Star Wars, or like a crazy sword weapon from Power Rangers when I was young. Once I picked my character, I saw a stage select screen, that ONLY HAD ONE STAGE. The stage was called “Battlefield”, which sounded very familiar. The game started and well, I enjoyed it. Took me a little bit to understand how the controls worked, but I got kind of used to them. Also the controls in Smash are different from other fighting games. There are standard ground attacks, aerial attacks, smash attacks, and special attacks. Sounds complicated I know, I felt your pain when I got the demo. After a few days of playing it, I decided I should buy the full game. My friend was ecstatic about me finally getting a true feel of what Smash Bros really is. Once I got the game, the rest was history. I played the 3DS version for 4 months, until I got a Wii U for Christmas in the same year.

During those 4 months of playing 3DS Smash, I found this video which would spark my interest for the competitive scene. It had a blue and black background. With a sword character named Marth (from the Fire Emblem series). The video was named, One Of A Kind | A Mew2King Marth Combo Video by Royal22.  This video was a series of clips of the Smash Bros player, Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, playing Marth and doing what I thought were insane things (combos) to his opponents. The background music was a Legend of Zelda remix, and actually fit pretty well with the clips that were used. I had a spark after watching the video, and wanted to do cool combos like Mew2King. I knew all the combos were from Melee, and I didn’t have that game. I then decided, I am going to try my best to replicate that amazing gameplay onto Smash 4. I picked up Marth and loved the character since. That combo video also got me to watch competitive Smash Bros. I watched Melee and played Smash 4, and then realized Smash 4 also had a competitive scene in the Wii U version. And, well, now I’m here.

There is still alot of things I want to do that are Smash related. Like, going to a tournament, and I want to pick up Melee competitively eventually. For now, I still will love the franchise as a whole, and will watch the big tournaments that are streamed on Twitch. I guess that brings an end to this very long blog post. But, just wait for the mentality one, that one is going to be lllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg. That’s a topic I can talk about for hours on end. Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed reading this entire thing. Or you just skimmed through it and just reading the last paragraph, smh. Its whatever, I understand that you don’t want to read all of this. But, I recommend trying to learn about something that I love from this post. IF YOU ARE A MORE VISUAL TYPE OF PERSON, AND LIKES TO LEARN FROM VISUALS, THEN I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS 4 HOUR DOCUMENTARY ON SMASH BROTHERS RIGHT HEREI should’ve put that at the beginning huh…. oh well heh. So that wraps things up for this post. I still have yet to make a schedule, but I want to be consistent with these over the summer. Give me ideas to talk about please. Thanks for stopping by! :]


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