Overdue Update (Info on life and Goals for the new school year)

December 26th 2017, my last post before I went on this “hiatus” of sorts. I’m going to keep it real with all of you, I simply lost passion for the blog. Felt as if no one read it, so the mentality was just call it quits. As of me writing this on a Tuesday night (7/17), I have been inspired to write something up for you guys that are interested in these (ty btw). Also, I assume you have seen a few changes to the site (🌾👀🌾). Header was made by me and Music of the Week has become a monthly segment instead. Also my ways of contact have changed so if you ever need/want to talk, look through the “Contacts” tab on the site!

Like all my blog posts, this one is going to be very very VERY long. This will be a guide of some sorts to help you navigate where the topic you’re most interested in reading is located :] :

  • Info on my Life (the good) – Paragraph 1
  • Info on my Life (the bad) – Paragraph 2
  • Goals for 2018-2019 School Year – Paragraph 3
  • Apology to the People I Know – Paragraph 4
  • What the Future Holds/Conclusion – Paragraph 5


My Life Seems Pretty Great (Jan-Mar):

Ever since the last post, my life has been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. January I don’t vividly remember other than strengthening my friendships with some best friends of mine. Grades were normal if I can recall correctly and life was pretty average. February was such a great month for me, physically and mainly mentally. On February 9th, I started with a bang by entering the Leadership x Smash Union Game Night tournament at my school. Smash Union was a club dedicated to degenerates (like myself) simply playing Smash for fun. It wasn’t until this day, the “For Fun” aspect turned into “For Glory” as pride was practically on the line. The tournament had a Melee tournament (had like 3 entrants LMAOOO) and Smash Wii U tournament (I believe it was around 20 people?). What shocked me the most was that people I knew that I didn’t expect to play Smash entered the tournament. With unknown and known talent in the bracket, I wanted to win. Round 1 was pretty easy, winning a Marth ditto (2-0) against a person who I never thought played Smash (His name was Kevin). Round 2 I had to face against my friend Brandon; the set was my Sheik/Lucina vs his Toon Link. I barely lose 2-1 but he does something very unexpected from not only me, but the Tournament Organizers and the crowd. He forfeits the set and gives up the win for me to move on in the tournament. I was pissed that he would do this and he said he wanted me to win instead of him. To this day it left a bittersweet taste in my mouth;  I knew I still could’ve won the tournament since it was double elimination, but the fact that he and my other pals wanted to see me win was heartwarming. After the “given win”, I face a freshman named Silver in Winner Semis. Oh my god, he was the hardest opponent of the entire tournament. It was my Marth vs his Game and Watch set. It was back and forward; I won game 1 and he retaliated back winning game 2. Game 3 was down to the fucking wire, and I clutched it out (2-1). I jumped from my seat and yelled “Hell yeah!!”. We both shake hands and acknowledge how amazing and close the set was. Winners Finals was against a freshman(?) I never got the name of. The set was my Fox vs his Lucina; and, to be completely honest, it was the 2nd easiest set I played LOL. I win with a convincing 3-0, and wait in Grand Finals Winner Side. With some time to relax, I was able to watch the rest of the tournament and got to see an old friend of mine also named Brandon (yes there was 2 Brandons in the same friend group) make an impressive losers run. He lost quite early in the tournament, and defeated everyone in losers bracket. When he made it to Grand Finals I was quite scared. I knew he was hella good and he would always beat me when we played alot on Smash 3DS. The atmosphere was crazy. Giant projector that displayed the game, huge crowd of degenerate Smashers, and loud ass speakers. Grand Finals began. Game 1 was Marth vs Pac-Man and I barely win. For games 2 and 3, he switched to Villager. Game 2 he won quite convincingly. Game 3 was in my favor, but Brandon makes a comeback and clutches it. Now here is the obscure part of the tournament. He had to leave midset cause his parents needed him home. Everyone was shocked, contemplating on what should happen next. The organizers decided that we continue the set the week after. TL;DR, I time him out 2 times with Sheik against his Villager (OMEGALULULULUL). He was cool about it, and we went to Subway right after. Between the timespan of Feb 9th and Feb 16th, I was left with a decision. I wanted to ask a certain someone out (will not say the name; if you’re reading this LOL HOPE THIS AIN’T TOO AWKWARD) for Valentine’s Day. Conflicted, I ask a tablemate of mine from my Physics class named JC (idk if she wants her full name to be here so we’ll just use her nickname) for some advice . JC was basically my coach before Valentine’s Day, and hyped me up and helped me look at the positives no matter what the outcome was. The 14th hit and I was shaking in my boots. I ask this certain someone out and the TL;DR is the relationship was seen more towards a friendship and we agreed on good terms to keep it that way :]. Wasn’t a win, but glad it wasn’t a heavy loss. From there, life couldn’t be any better. I started a new friendship with JC, my friend group was at its peak, grades were slowly rising up, things actually looked good in my life. March was a little bit bumpy, with some days I felt “sad”, but overall March was just as good as February. For once, I felt like my life was getting back on track for the better. I was happy, I felt love for my friends and family, most importantly, I loved myself and my life. Keep in mind, I haven’t had that feeling almost 2 years prior, so it was such an amazing feeling to finally be free and happy.  I learned alot over that time period of happiness. Learned how to draw again, learned more about my friends, and learned how to be loving and kind to the world around me. 2018 was at its peak for me, I thought it would finally be a year without any major disappointments. Oh fucking boy, I was wrong.

Just Kidding my Life is Shit (Apr-Current):

School was nearing its close for the year. Life was great and the only thing I had to worry about was final projects and of-course finals for all my classes. Mid April was when my life crashed and burned. I fell under depression again (idk if its seasonal depression or just major depression disorder, but it occurs around this time of year). Depression turned the rest of the year into fucking hell. I constantly felt depressed, and the smallest things would make me upset. I felt like I was a nobody, just some wasted space on this planet. With coping with these feelings and a shitty mindset, my grades were falling apart and some friendships started to fall apart in my eyes. Consistent anxiety showed up, I was afraid of losing all the good things I had since February. I isolated myself from everyone. I barely talked in any of my classes, I easily got agitated by people and would straight up be rude to everyone that talked to me. I was so negative, I was so angry that my year decided to all go downhill after my life was at its peak. Suffering and extreme sadness was dreadful. Going into May, my life was shit, simple as that. I felt as if I had nothing going for me anymore. Lost communication with friends, grades barely passing by, in my eyes my life was at a very low point. People knew I was on the edge, and you know what I did? I ignored their comfort. Why? I felt like I didn’t deserve it. I saw myself as such a wasted piece of fucking trash that didn’t deserve anything at all. I saw myself as nothing. I ended my year and barely passed by finals. Maybe summer would be the time I needed to recollect myself. Nah. Life has been at an all time low for me. June-July have been mentally draining and possible the worst period of my life so far. The perception of feeling like you’re just wasted space in the world and have no talents and will never go anywhere in life. The smart solution is to tell someone right? Well, I’m fucking stupid so I kept all this negativity to myself. To this day, I feel like no one would understand what exactly I’m going through, even my best friends wouldn’t understand. Past few days I’ve actually thought about… disappointed in myself in thinking this but… death. I thought about the idea of death. My life was so shitty I yearned for death. I was too scared to actually commit suicide (fucking glad), but the idea of death sounded amazing to me. I thought I can finally escape from the hell I’ve been going through. It sounded like a perfect solution. All the bullshit that had happened since April was still in my head. I never let it go. I’ve always been stubborn when it comes to my negativity. Thats probably why I haven’t been improving for the better. I don’t understand the concept of letting go and accepting failure. I’ve been quite angry the past few days, thinking if I wasn’t depressed during April my life would be peaking. Depression ruined everything I ever wanted out of life. The comfort and love I took for granted was nonexistent. I felt alone. My heart has been aching, blaming myself for all the bad things that were out of my control. When I was in the shower this evening, something positive sparked. Once I had common sense, I never really knew what I wanted to do in life in terms of careers and professions. As a kid, I wanted to be a Power Ranger cause they were badass to me and had cool weapons and such. Once I was 13, that dream was dead. I thought I would end up a disappointment to my family by going to community college in hopes to find a career path. I realized that my happiness came from seeing the ones I cared about happy. Family and friends, seeing them happy is where most of my happiness comes from. With this in mind, I might want to pursue a career in helping people mentally (psychologist/therapist/etc). I hate to see others in conditions such as mine or even worse. I would rather help others than myself; I’ve always had this mindset and I think I can incorporate it to a career. After finding a potential career, I felt motivation again. Hence, this blog being reopened. Positive outlooks and ideas for the future started to sprout in my head and was so excited that I wanted to tell you all. This might be the positive turn I needed for the new school year and upcoming future.

Goals for the 2018-2019 School Year:

So I believe I told my goals on this blog awhile back? If not, my goals for Sophmore year was to get good grades, be more social, and some other personal goals. I accomplished….. 0 of those. My grades ended up mediocre for my standards, I was social till depression, and failed all the other personal goals I had. This time, I hope it will be different. My goals for Junior year are:

  • Maintain good grades (this is going to be even harder due to the fact I signed up for 2 AP classes and Spanish 3)
  • Expand my “brand” (What I mean by this is making my name well-known. In school, I’ve never been the most popular person, but a few people knew me as the nerd/looks like a weeb that was “smart”. This year I don’t want to be popular per say,  but be well known for something impactful if that makes any sense. Whether through clubs, interacting in classes, or even the blog, I want to be known as the person that can make people’s day better small or large.)
  • Control my emotions (Eventually when I feel comfortable, I want to seek a therapist or doctor to resolve my depression and learn how to control my emotions and be a stable human being).
  • Expanding Smash Brothers in the EV community and outside it (Sadly, Smash Union will not be a club for EV next year. Still salty about it cause we filled out all the requirements with a few hiccups in the application that weren’t major imo. Anyways, I have always dreamt of spreading Smash Bros within my community. I want to find ways to do this without a club, and with the release of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate in the winter, I want to show the community that Smash is something that can bring everyone together and have a good time, casually and competitively.)
  • Bringing back the B L O G (My passion for the blog has come back. I want this to be a platform that can not only be entertaining to people in or out of my school, but can be a platform that can help others when they need it. I want this platform that can provide advice for anyone who needs it, and be comforting to them. I also want to associate my name with the blog. What I mean by that is being known as the guy that has blog that welcomes everyone and if they need help, they will get it. The blog is for me to express myself. I want to incorporate the people as well. I feel as if they matter more than me, so I want to prioritize them and help them.)

I Owe the People I Know an Apology:

Before I conclude this long as hell post, I’d like to apologize to the people that I have treated so poorly. During the last few months of school, I’ve treated a good amount of you guys poorly and acted like a total douchebag. Those times I ignored people while they were talking, giving people the cold shoulder, making people uncomfortable by being on the edge; from the bottom of my heart, I deeply apologize for all the wrong that I have done to you. I know you didn’t deserve it and you should never be treated like that by anyone. If you still hold a grudge on me for any of the wrong I have done to you, DM me on any platform and I hope to resolve it with you. You deserve to be respected and treated fairly. If you simply forgot I did anything hurtful to you, I still apologize for my behavior. It was all uncalled for. I hope to be a better human being going forth in the future. :]

What do I Expect from my Future and the Future of the Blog:

Things are still shitty I will admit. However, I hope with this newly found motivation, I can turn my life around for the better. I want to pick up where I left off from March, which is my life looking bright. I know that my dreams of recreating my life and accomplishing personal goals is gonna be extremely hard, I get that. That is why I will slowly try to work hard for it. Take baby steps instead of going into something head first, you know? I will slowly improve my well being and seek to find my true potential the new school year. For now, I need to catch up on AP Lit HW LMAOOOOOOO. Rip the rest of the summer for me. Stupid AP hw, idek why I signed up. Oh well, my fate is sealed. Mentality wise, recovering is going to be hard and quite slow for the time being. If I seem very off at the beginning of the year, just know I’m trying to recover from all this. Don’t be afraid to talk to me, I’ll try my best to not scare any of you off OOF. The future of the blog might be good. If I follow what I said, the blog has the potential to be awesome and a haven for people. Posts will be slow, because my life is boring and topics are hard to come by. Hopefully by the next school year, I’ll have frequent posts like I did a year ago. Drawing attention from people to read the blog is going to be difficult, but hopefully overtime I can get this blog to be seen as a place for everyone to be entertained and feel welcome. If you have any ideas on what I should post let me know. I’m down for anything as long as its appropriate and interesting to me. I hope to see you again in the next school year. And for the people out of the area, I’m glad you stopped by the blog! The blog is for everyone! :] Stay amazing everyone!!!!!!

– Geri

(P.S: If any of you are worried about my well being, just contact me. If you are going through something as well, I’m here. I want everyone to happy. :])

(P.P.P.S: I just wanted to give thanks for everyone that supported me while I was down during the school year. I didn’t really appreciate you guys as much as I should of. Whether a friend or an acquaintance, I cherish your gratitude to make sure I was okay. I wish to pay you guys in some way or another, as you guys deserve it and much more. Thanks.)


whatcha looking at? oh if any of you get this reference, we’re automatically friends LOL.


wow it has been awhile…

My last post was on September 17th(?), so here’s a most likely long update on whats been going on in my life for the past couple of months, and what do I expect my 2018 to look like.

Since that September, from what I remembered nothing too important happened within that month. It wasn’t until late October to November where the year 2017 was in prime shape for me personally. October this year was special to me considering its my birth month as well as creating stronger bonds with the people at school. During that month, I felt most of myself. I felt as if I was able to control how I wanted life to look like as well as keeping my emotions in check. October also helped introduce me to a person that I consider great and just awesome in general. My friend Brandon introduced me to one of his friends named William. At first, I didn’t really care for the guy but my perspective changed on Halloween. On Halloween, Brandon, William, and I decided to go “trick-or-treating” for the fun of it. Through that night, I started to get to know him a lot more and eventually it went off from there. After that night, the three of us and another friend of mine named Michael created a little friend group that pretty much became the “norm” for us. During November, it was a blast hanging out with them. We would go on calls acting completely stupid and playing random games and such. It was the best couple of weeks I’ve had in quite a looooooong time. Besides my friend group, I started to socialize a lot more with my fellow peers at school. I’ve grown to become a little more social unlike before, in where I would literally only talk to a few specific people and dodge everyone else if possible. For example, in my physics class, I have the chance to talk to a whole variety of people. The class includes some friends I have already made from last year or beyond and includes friends I have made at this year (you know who you guys are LMAO). I go to that class knowing I’m gonna get at least one good laugh to start my day right. Half of my 2017 seemed to be ending on a good note until…

December has been honestly hell for me in terms of mental health and educational life. Since finals (midterms, but it seems to me I am the only one that calls it that at my school) is during this month, I tried to indulge myself into textbooks and anything I can study with. Along with studying, some of my classes decided hey, why not throw in like 100000+ assignments and some really important projects into the mix due right before or during finals? Oh my f*cking god, it was insane. I was constantly stressing and barely had any free time to breathe other than when I slept during the night. I knew I was mentally breaking when I was studying for a test right before finals and my whole body literally froze and I couldn’t do anything. Its been a rough month, considering I had to distant myself from my friends in order to focus on my studies. At times, I felt alone. The feeling of loneliness was with me all the way until I got through my finals, which was 3 days ago as of me writing this. And well here I am now, just finished celebrating Christmas (btw late happy holidays), and being able to do what I love, playing Smash for excessive amounts of hours LOL.

Despite being able to relax and having freedom once again, I still for some reason feel some sort of “void” that I can’t decipher. I don’t feel that spark I had in October-November, I feel distant even though I have people around me. I was like this around the same time last year, so maybe its just a seasonal thing. My mentally becomes very negative around the winter season and I don’t necessarily know why. It could possibly be some personal things haunting me, but I have no clue. I just hope to be in normal shape by the beginning of next year.

Speaking of next year, 2018 is around the corner and its crazy to think about. The year went by fast in my opinion, and it was better than last year thats for sure. My 2017 started off shaky from January to about May, but it soon picked up around August and its been a great half for me. I didn’t get to accomplish my main goals because life decided “nah” and gave me some L’s that were hard to swallow. I did however manage to just have great memories made and I got to live through said memories that I will cherish for a long time. I want to go into 2018 with confidence, considering I still need goals to accomplish. I also want to simply be happy with myself and whatever life throws at me. If it grants me the best possible outcomes, thats godlike. If it throws me big L’s, whelp, suck it up and move on. Another thing I want to do in 2018 is discovering more of who am I. Sounds cheesy, but this has been on my mind lately. What exactly do I want in life? What career do I want to pursue? What am I good at that will be beneficial for me in the long run? These are the main questions I seek to find answers for, and I want to see if I actually can find them.

Life works in mysterious ways, and it puts us in some excruciating scenarios we don’t want to be in. Most of the time, it somehow works out in the end and we move on to the next infuriating situation. Despite of these moments, we live through the good moments and cherish them. I’m thankful for such a great past few months, thankful for the old and new friends I have, and thankful to be able to go live through the best and worst moments. Ok maybe not the worst moments, but.. That’s besides the point. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and cheers to 2018 being godlike (hopefully). :]


[P.S: Sorry for the inactivity. I’ve been unmotivated and been busy with school. I really want to at the very least post 1 thing every 2 weeks. I’ll try my best to do this in 2018. Stay amazing!]

Reminiscing (Life about a year ago to now)

Hello peeps. So yesterday night, I decided to take a trip to memory lane by looking at some old messages I had with some of my great friends. Looking back reminded me of how different my life was back then and now. Life about a year/ year and a halfish ago was a period in my life where I loathed in a bunch of self pity and let depression consume me. With the help of some factors that came in my life, it helped me in many ways that changed my life for the better.

For those who haven’t read my post about my issues with mentality, I had some depression problems during my 8th grade year. It was a constant battle with myself the entire year and keeping it all in would make it worse. The only thing that could “resolve” the issue at the time was venting it to my friends. A really great of friend, we’ll call him “GC” just in case he doesn’t want to be mentioned, withstood the amount of depressing sh*t that was on my mind. He understood as much as he could and gave me his advice on what I should be doing. GC was there when my emo self had no where to pour all of the self-pity and utter sadness towards. If you’re reading this btw, ty for letting me ramble and for being a great friend during middle school. GC was one of the people that helped me alot during that time. Supporting me and just making me happy as much as possible during those times. Even before that time period, he introduced me to alot of things, and in way built most of my personality. Before my depression situation in 8th, 7th grade with GC and a few notable friends was a weird type of innocent era. By no means we were innocent during that time, but the way our brains worked were innocent. We were dumb as hell, we had our own little world of just memes and other things that made us happy. It reminds me of how my perspectives on life were alot more optimistic before the whole depression thing.

Going back to 8th grade, I had another good friend of mine, we’ll call her Shamu, since my group of friends called her that LMAOOO. No hard feelings if you’re reading this. Shamu didn’t play a significant role in my life till the end of that year. Before my dreams were crushed in May of that year, she supported me no matter what. Keep in mind, during that period, if someone said something supportive towards me, I automatically think of the worst thing possible. When “you got this” was said, my brain was “no I don’t”. Shamu in a way, forced me to be positive when situations weren’t going in my favor. She got my back when I was facing some bs issue with another person. Cough, not gonna give names. I’m over it now, but nvm. Yeah, Shamu lifted me back up at the end of the year. Going into 9th grade, my mentality was still unstable after 8th grade. Shamu told me all I could do was move on and things will go in my favor eventually. Ty for the great amount of support when I needed it at the time.

Of course I can’ forget about the other people that filled the void I had at that time. My boi Brandon (can’t give a cover name since his tag online has his real name in it so) for just being an overall amazing friend since middle school up till now (team4life, or at least high school, also respect privacy LOL), Pixel, who I have known since elementary, ty for sticking with me eventhough our group of friends kept changing, my boi Izen (pretty sure he’s cool with me saying his name), for being a great friend as of late and even all the way back in elementary, never change. I have had so many great memories with them, that they kind of suppress all of the bad ones. I feel as if, without them, I’d either be in the same state I was in 8th grade and be a super emo depressed kid, or at the VERY worst, dead. Like, they helped me conquer most of the sadness. I can’t thank them enough for it.

Besides the great people that I mention, Smash Bros and music helped a ton as well. Playing Smash, watching it, whatever it may be, it made me escape from my problems, and still applies to this day. Eventhough the game has some bs in it, its a stress reliever. I forget about issues and just smile because I love the game so much. Music has also helped me all the way back. For the unaware, I love the 2009-2012 era of pop music and music in general. I grew up listening to those songs on the radio, and it brings a bunch of nostalgia when I listen to them. Call me a hipster all you want, but music isn’t the same as it was in that time period, for pop music imo. Dw, I listen to other stuff to. Video game remixes, a variety of genres from edm (I’m very picky tho), and now Kpop and 80s Jpop. Music reduces my stress/worry levels by a significant amount.

A famous quote from the smash community is “Life is this crazy, mystical thing, and sometimes you just go out like a buster.” – MaNgO. Buster pretty much means a person that takes an L in the worst way possible. This quote can apply to everyone. Life will give you bs and you just gotta take it. But, there will be moments where life is amazing. That’s the obscure thing about life. You hate it most of the time, but when one thing goes in your favor, you love it. Ik that doesn’t apply to some people, but I feel most people can relate to that. After just saying “let’s see what happens”, I have changed to think “if its for the worse, oh well, take the L and move fowards” or “if its for the better, well, we take those”. I’ve been trying to be more optimistic as of late, and its been going okay in my opinion. I just need to work harder and all the good stuff in life will come eventually. :] I hope everything goes well, for not only myself, but for the people I care about and YOU the reader. I’m still not where I want to be, but I will try my best to achieve the things that I want in life. And Ik you will as well.

Ty for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a  g o o d   d a y.  :]

P.S, GC called me “champ” when I was struggling with stuff. No matter what your position may be in life,

You Got This Champ!

I’m (not really) back! (Bunch of Rambling and Recap on Life)

Damn, its been a hot minute since I wrote something on this blog. On my last post (which was like what, 3-4 weeks ago), I touched on how inconsistent the blog would be due to me wanting to focus on my edumacation. Since I have the time, here is an update for you all!

August 9-11: August 9th was the first day of being a “sophomore”. Its kind of funny when sophos- means “wise” and moros- means “foolish”. So in a nutshell, your 2nd year of high school, you’re considered a wise idiot. Pretty accurate if you ask me. Anyhow, first 3 days were good, nothing too special since typically first couple days are just introducing one another as well as classrooms and all that jazz. I got to see my friends in person again (we didn’t really meet up during the summer LOL), and it was great seeing them again. Shoutouts to them, never change.

August 14-18: The first “legitimate but not really” week starts and this was a test week to try out some new things in terms of my routine. Normally, my old routine on a normal school day consisted of going to school, clock in/clock out, go home, do homework, skip studying, and do whatever I wanted to do until curfew. Last year, it effected my grades, not significantly, but it was very noticeable for my standards. This year, I want to discipline myself more to get better results. I also restricted myself to actually study for important quizzes/tests for at the very least 30 minutes (most is 2 hours). When there was an assignment that was due lets say 3 days from now, I would make myself do it to get it out of the way and not worry about it. Aka, don’t procrastinate on things that aren’t due till later. Another thing, I restricted myself from playing Smash until the weekends (this one is the hardest tbh LMAOOOO, but somehow been able to do it so far). One of my teachers said, “If you keep doing the same things, you will always get the same outcome. Do different things to get a different outcome that you might be looking for.” I got inspired by this and was like “let’s do this”.

August 21-25: Now the “actual real real week” begins and now assignments become actual assignments instead “sign class syllabus by” assignments. Quizzes already became a prominent thing during this week with me having to do 3 across the week. I may have done mediocre on one of them, but I swear I aced the other 2 lol. THE ONE I FAILED WAS KIND OF BS SO I HAVE AN EXCUSE. Anyway, I continued my new routine and it worked out well. I got things done on time, felt prepared due to me studying for once (before I didn’t really need to study, I just somehow understood material like that and I would at worst get a C), and felt better about myself overall. On the Friday of this particular week, my schedule got forcefully changed and I received new teachers and classrooms for English and World History. At first, I wasn’t too happy about it since I got used to my teachers, but I just got over it. In general, this week was a 8/10.

August 28-Present: I was starting to get used to the “school for 5 days, clock in/clock out” mentality again. Nothing too special happened 28-1, so not much to talk about. Normal week overall. I will say, quadratics is confusing af. I mean, I get the jist of certain things, but when it comes to the negative sign in formulas, I get heated. Oh, I also avoided taking a test in history since I transferred in the ending of a chapter so yeah. We take those :]. Club week was also a prominent thing during the 28-1. I signed up for Key Club (tldr a volunteering club) because my friends were joining it and I need to actually do stuff so it makes me look good on college applications and adult things. Friday to now Monday (shoutouts to labor day), its been E X T R E M E L Y  H O T. Its been crazy, but somehow I am still here today.

Random Thoughts: Life is back giving me a hard time. For those who don’t know about my incidents in where life wanted to be a piece of sht to me, Life decides “Oh, you’re trying to improve your life for the better? Lets uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh make it miserable! ;)”. Its been on my mind and making me think negatively, almost ruining my days since Friday. Thinking about it, makes me look back on other times life was simply being unfair to be. For instance, you’re playing rock, paper, scissors, and there is that one kid who picks “gun” or “jesus”, or anything that is considered “overpowered”. Life is that kid, and I’m here trying the best I can with the options given to me. But no, life is unfair and I just have to weave through it. Rn, life is giving me a scenario/situation I’m not interested in being apart of, but its rubbing it against my face and irritating me. Again, for now, I just have to deal with it. My step dad recently wanted me to start driving since I am almost at the age of getting a permit. To some, it may sound awesome to actually drive and become an adult. Imo, I’m not ready to be an “adult” yet. I don’t want to drive and take care of a car, I don’t want to consider jobs and worry about what to put on a resume, and I definitely do not want to thinking about getting my own house and taxes and all the complicated things that eventually become normal when you grow up. I do not feel I am capable of handling all of that yet, and I enjoy just being young and dumb. But, if I really want to improve and better myself, changes must be made and new things must be explored. Still not excited about taxes…. smh.

That’s really all I wanted to say. Sorry about keeping (the people that actually read this…) out in the dark. I just needed some time to get used to school and such. I’m not too sure about scheduling with these posts, but I’ll try to be “semi-consistent”, possibly biweekly or triweekly. Ty for reading! :]

HAVE A  G O O D  D A Y  P E E P S !


Upcoming Topics in the Future:

-Friends (in general and why I love them)

-Opinions (general idea and some of mine)

-Life being Life (my ups and downs with it, also philosophies)



Hawaii was C R I S P!

Hello! I am back to writing more posts for the blog. For those who don’t know, I went to take a trip to the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii with my family. My first day was on Tuesday (7/18), and came back home on Sunday (7/23). I will be going over what events occurred and my personal opinion on the trip as a whole.

Day 1: Day 1 wasn’t too eventful due to the semi long flight to get there. If I recall, the flight was at 11 am (?) and my family and I got there around 2ish pm (?). All I know is that the flight was 5 hours and since I live on the West Coast of the US, Hawaii time was 3 hours back. So, in a sense, I time traveled… not really. Also, my step dad booked us FIRST CLASS SEATS. I’d always thought those seats were expensive af and only for “certain kinds of people”. In reality, its just a couple hundred dollars more and everyone looks “normal”. In first class, you’re treated as if you f*cking mattered (or at least that is what it felt like LOL). Actual GOOD food was served and the seats were great. Overall, amazing experience on a plane. Moving on, my family took a bus to get to our hotel. We came to realize the hotel didn’t have our room ready. We were forced to wait about an hour, so we decided to walk around. Typically, some locations have a store that is pretty much on every street. For example, when I went to the Philippines with my mother and my brother, nearly every street had a Jolibee. For those who don’t know what Jolibee is, its a Filipino restaurant that serves well, Filipino food (and some American food). In Hawaii, there is a store simply named, ABC Store. This store included, everything. Clothes, food, beverages, souvenirs, swimming items, the whole package. Everything you would see in a mall, all in one decently sized store. These stores were on every nook and cranny of where my hotel was at. Surprisingly, all stores had a different “shape”. Their purpose were all the same, but one store would be huge, one would be circular, etc.  After looking through some stores, we decided to sit on some benches near the beach. You see, the hotel and the beach were literally right next to each other. You simply just had to cross the street and you are already on the beach. Some birds came by and swarmed my family. They were like “Sup”. Once an hour passed by, we got to go into our hotel room. Our room was on the 18th floor, and since it was near the beach, the views would be godlike. We open the door and see a “meh” kind of room. It wasn’t bad by any means, just looked kind of outdated. I mean, there was a Playstation 3 for entertainment LMAO. Although the room was mediocre, the views were 11/10. You got to on a balcony and see the beautiful ocean and the town of Waikiki. My family had the chance to unpack everything and relax for a bit. My step dad then noticed a bird on our balcony. It was very calm and looked curious. I was told to give this bird some crumbs off of this biscuit called Biscoff. I proceeded to give it to the bird and it enjoyed it. Thinking it was a cool bird, I named him Ben (or Benjamin). A few hours pass and the whole family decided to go to the beach for a swim. The beach was jam packed with people, but fortunately we found a spot to put all our stuff. We went into the crystal clear teal water. It felt amazing. The water wasn’t too deep, at most like 4-5 feet, and since it was all natural salt water, its near impossible for an adult to drown in it. After a long hour of fun in the water, we decided to eat at this restaurant called Tiki’s Bar and Grill. This restaurant had some very delicious food (ex: A burger with a fried crab (the whole crab) on a Taro Bun). After the dinner, nothing much happened afterwards, thus ending Day 1.

Day 2: Day 2 began with a breakfast at this restaurant called “Eggs n Things”. It was about 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel. It was quite small, and a line was formed just to make reservations inside. The menu was this laminated white paper with different dish options in the front and more dish options along with beverages. Consisting of English and Japanese text, there was a whole variety of food to choose from. I ordered a spinach and bacon omelette with a side of pancakes and a pineapple iced tea as a drink. The food was absolutely great and the pancakes were god tier. After the breakfast, my family decided to walk around the area and go “window shopping”. Aka, buy souvenirs and all that fun jazz. Shopping ended and we went back to our hotel room. Ben actually came over again and being the homie that he is, I fed him some more crumbs off of the same cookie. As an hour or so passed, my family heads off to this “flea market” of some sorts. It was 5 minutes away and the atmosphere was quite interesting. The buildings looked like something that come from Disney Land, but has a more “rustic and old” feel to them. The walkways were cramped AF. You can barely walk. Not only because there are some many people, but the food stands and the souvenir stands. The walkway led to an upstairs area which had more shops. I got the chance to get some sweet shirts while as I was there, so pretty happy about that. After the market, that ended Day 2.


Day 3: Day 3 was also pretty “chill and uneventful” the first half of the day. I did get to try shaved ice in Hawaii. I can’t quite remember what the flavor was called, but it consisted of like 6 different flavors like Banana, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, etc. I also got the chance to try Malasadas, which are pretty much just donuts, but focusing more on fluffiness and less flavor. My family then proceeded to go to the beach. So, at the beach, there are different sections in which people can swim in. One of them was open space galore. There was so much room, but the water was much deeper than the other sections. The waves were stronger as well. The worst part about this section in particular was the shore. The shore had so many rocks and other sharp objects that my feet got destroyed from. Never again. After messing around for half the day, around 4 pm, my family got to go to a luau. If you don’t know what a luau is, the idea of it just a Hawaiian get together. Eat and talk to practically strangers and enjoy the entertainment given. In my opinion, and also my parents, it was ok at best. I mean, the food was good, and entertainment was alright, but it wasn’t as “hype” as we thought it would be. One thing I actually, as of writing this, forgot talking was the culture in Hawaii. Of course the luau, consisted of traditional entertainment like the dances and the crazy fire spinning tricks. And of course the people that went to the luau, people from all around the world. The types of people in Hawaii were more “set” if that makes any sense. Where I am from, you see a variety of different ethnic groups everywhere you go. In Hawaii, variety isn’t really there. Not to offend anyone, its more just an observation on my part (if you do get triggered, sorry, also if I am wrong, sorry and please inform me, would love to know more). Here is my rundown on what groups were there. 50% were white people, 45% were Asians (notably Japanese and Korean), and 5% being “Other”. I assume its just probably culture that makes the population like that, idk. It was just very interesting to me and didn’t really mind it at all. The people there were really kind and friendly, which felt very welcoming. Another thing, LOL. I am just remembering all of this right now. CAN I TALK ABOUT THE AESTHETIC CUPS THEY HAVE THERE. I don’t know if any of you remember, but there was this Solo Brand cup that was sold frequently back in the day. The design was wavy, consisting of purple, teal and blue. If you don’t know what I am talking about, search up “jazz solo cup”. Anyway, seeing that cup again after so many years, it was amazing. I like how I went from ethnic groups to cups LMAOOO.


Day 4: Day 4 was more of an “exploration day”. Some of relatives back home wanted some items that are Hawaii Exclusive (ex “Li-Hing Gummy Bears”, (li hing is practically dried plum)). My family had to search many many places just get certain items like that. We would look in malls and stores that would make sense for items like those to be in. After about an hour – hour and a half, we found the items at this place called “Longs”. Longs aka A FCKING CVS. I will admit though this “CVS” was cool since it was double storied and neat. After exploring, I, of course, wanted more shaved ice. That day I got strawberry banana and it was fcking good. Walking back home and then my family proceeded to take a swim at the beach (the shallow one that doesn’t hurt your feet LOL).  Chilling for a couple of hours, we decided to eat some dinner at this burger joint called Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. It was nothing too special except for the shake. OH MY GOD. At the place, they served many different shakes. One that I ordered was Nutella flavored. HOLY SHT. THAT WAS THE MOST GODLIKE SHAKE I EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE. They made the shake like how it should be made. Just ice cream along with the flavor’s ingredients, and simply just mixing them. Where I come from, people are suuuuppper lazy when it comes to making shakes. They make shakes with milk and blending it. Thats called a milkshake, but they think of it as a normal shake. Smh. I mean, its still delicious regardless, but not the same. Dinner ended and my step dad wanted to take a break and do nothing. My mom and I wanted to explore more of the area, so we did. In Hawaii, business is at its peak during the night time. It was very weird because back home, business occurs mainly in the noon and slowly dissipates. In Hawaii, you get swarmed by people during the night. My mom and I explored the different stores and got ice cream at this place called Magnolia. Magnolia is an ice cream business, and is very popular in the places like the Philippines. Knowing that its fairly popular to our kind LOL, we had get some. I got Ube (aka purple yams) and it was C R I S P. I love ube, so good. My mom and I proceeded to walk about 2-5 miles. So far to the point where my mom got lost and I had to act as a gps. Also, the humidity in Hawaii stupid. The temperatures can be average (like 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit), but the humidity makes it feel like 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Walking back home, that concludes Day 4.

Day 5: Day 5 had barely any highlights if I remember. My family had to pack everything and make sure we could actually bring everything when we fly back. We went exploring later on, but nothing exciting. Day 5 was uneventful.

Day 6: Day 6 was sad for me. I had to leave my friend Ben behind. I fed him one last time in the morning and got to say goodbye to him. I miss him a lot, and I even set my phone’s wallpaper as Ben. That’s how much he meant to me. Since my family had a couple of hours to kill, we looked around the area one last time. I was able to scoop up a sick Hawaii jacket before we left, and I was happy that because my recent one was wearing down. We took a bus to the airport around 10 am. Our flight didn’t board and fly till 12:30 pm and 1:15 respectively. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get first class, but got premium seats. They weren’t the greatest, but better than normal seating to say the least. The plane landed at 9 pm and that was it. Back to the normal house, with my dog that my family missed a lot. Thus, ending the trip at Oahu, Hawaii. Overall, the trip was fantastic. I’d give it 8.5/10. Great experience and would want to visit Hawaii again. I’d probably go to a different island like Maui.

Thank you for reading! Funny thing is that I actually started writing this last week, but got lazy and pushed it back. Really glad I got to finish this one and now I can write about more topics! Sorry for just leaving you guys hanging. Or you probably didn’t care….. Whatever. Here’s to more topics! Give me ideas to make this blog run! Also if you have any comments, make sure to give me some! Have a  g o o d  d a y! :]


Upcoming Topics in the Future:

-Friends (in general and why I love them)

-School (since its coming up)

-Opinions (general idea and some of mine)

-Life being Life (my ups and downs with it, also philosophies)


The Vast World of the Internet

On your mark, get set! We’re riding on the Internet! Cyberspace, sets-free. Hello virtual reality. Interactive appetite, searching for a web site. A window to the world that to get online. Take a spin, now you’re in with the techno set: You’re going surfing on the Internet! Hello peeps once again! Today I will be talking about, of course, the internet. I’ll be going over my perspective on it and why it is “a good and bad thing”.

Ah the Internet. A system used all around the world that holds so much in it. It makes certain tasks easier, whether for researching, or simply using it for entertainment. A lot of what we’ve known today is all because of this creation. Main thing being Social Media, which I’ll get into in a bit. I got exposed to the Internet pretty late. I was never fond of computers, I’d prefer handhelds like the Nintendo DS and sometimes consoles. Until I was around 9, my mom showed me what the Internet was. At the time, I just thought it was a way for me to play games (whether at home or those games they allow you to play at school, SHOUTOUTS TO COOLMATHGAMES.COM LOL). Eventually overtime, I understood the main premise around it. Search whatever you need on a search engine, and then you can go on from there. I also got to learn what “sketchy websites” were and those ads where you shoot the iPads and “win a free one”. Luckily, I was smart enough to not put in fcking personal information and moved on to whatever I was doing. And, here I am now. The Internet is sort of my “escape”. I got sites like Youtube, social medias of course, and obviously this blog. Its pretty cool to think about, “all” that you need in one “little” system right?

Some of you may agree with me on those positive things, having entertainment and making tasks much more simple within a few clicks. Well, that my friend is only the surface. What do you mean “surface”? The Internet isn’t all sunshines and rainbows. It gets “hectic” to say the least the more you go further. Personally, I haven’t gone that farm, I’ve only heard/researched about what is “down there”. A couple of weeks ago, a Youtuber (not gonna name, but you can probably find the video I’m talking about), streamed their journey of the deep web. The process to just get there is severely difficult. Since the deep web holds a bunch of viruses and malware and that “fun” jazz, you would have to go out of your way to set up software like virtual machines and Tor Browser, changing ip addresses, and messing with some settings on your computer that’s hard to access alone. Once that heavily long process is done, you’re introduced to possibly life scaring things on there. Illegal markets for drugs and assassinations, having the ability to use the most powerful currency ever in Bitcoins, and the most horrific section that being the “adult section” (can pretty much know what that means). Its funny, because all of that is still accessible. The government or anyone in general hasn’t taken any of that down for who knows why. If you’re for some reason interested in this, you can search that stuff up by yourself. Let it be known, it will change your perspective on certain things.

Another issue with the Internet is Social Media. Most of the world has some sort of Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all of that fun stuff. Some people say that it ruins society yada yada yada. Sad thing is some of those types of people are hypocrites but thats for another day. And since young kids and teens are using social media, they of course get exposed to “Cyber Bulling”. Ok, let me be real. I think Cyber Bullying as a issue is really stupid. I know its a huge problem, it caused people to commit suicide and or push their mental health to the brink of thinking about that type of thing. But, the thing is, its not that hard to prevent. If you’re on the computer, there’s a thing called the power button. That applies to phones, tablets, etc. Its really not that difficult to “run away from”. If you “really enjoy social media”, then you can just block/mute/report people. It may seem inescapable and it seems you can’t make this person stop because you don’t know where/what they are. Here’s my philosophy on it. If you can’t handle ONE bad comment, then you mostly can’t use the Internet. Trolls do exist because they want to make themselves feel good because they think “they’re better than you”. Come on now, you and I both know they don’t matter and you’re obviously going places unlike them. You have greatness, and don’t let things like that get into your head. :]. That got a bit too real, uhhhhhhhh yeah.

The Internet is a wacky place filled with its ups and downs. Was its invention the greatest thing in the world? Maybe. Was it a mistake? Possibly. All I know is that it exists and you can’t change that. Oh, I almost forgot. Net Neutrality. If you don’t know what that means, its basically a concept that Internet providers allow everything to be accessible on the Internet whether its source is good or bad. Now that I think about it, thats probably why the deep web is accessible…. Nevermind. From my understanding, if this concept is “removed”, surfing the internet wouldn’t be the same. If you wanted to go on a certain website, there could be a chance that you would pay money to your service provider just to view it if Net Neutrality wasn’t a thing. So the Internet and a whole bunch of its big names like Discord, Netflix, etc are trying to get as many supporters as possible to keep Net Neutrality. For more information, there are a lot of websites for you to sign up like this one BattleForTheNet.

Now, I think that is everything I wanted to talk about for today. Thank you for reading! Again, there will be no posts next week due to me going to Hawaii and having no access to my computer, so yeah. Hope you enjoyed and give me ideas on topics plz! :] Have a      g o o d  d a y.


Upcoming Topics:

-Random Opinions (Opinions and how it works nowadays)

-Beginners Guide to Competitive Smash (where/what to watch, etc)

-Hawaii (after my trip)


EVO!!!! (Evolution 2017)

Hello peeps! Ik I missed Thursday last week. ;-;.  Things always come up and its annoying. But! I think I found I solution on putting these posts on time! In a couple of days, EVO 2017 is coming up. For those who don’t know what EVO is, EVO (or Evolution) is a tournament series hosted every year. The special thing about EVO is that its considered to be “the largest fighting game tournament” of the year. For every fighting game community (FGC), EVO is a pretty big deal for competition. Players from around the world come together at one tournament with one goal only, to win.

EVO is not only a big deal to fighting game competitors, but also to spectators like myself. Since EVO is such a big deal, you want to see high level and entertaining gameplay. EVO is all about bringing the hype every year, and you want to see if it can meet your expectations. As for people new to fighting games, there’s a whole variety of fighting games at EVO that may spark some interest. There some you may have heard before like Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., and Tekken. And there are some you may haven’t even heard of like BlazBlue, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Injustice.

If you are actually interested to see what this tournament has to offer, watch some of them live on Twitch.tv. Some of the fighting games I just mentioned will be on the front page of Twitch for you to watch. The tournament starts on July 14-July 16. As for me, I will be watching from home and enjoying every minute of it. Give it a shot! That’s really all I had to say for today! Also note, on July 18-July 23(?), I will be in Hawaii with my family. So there will not be any posts at all that until I get back. Another thing, give me some ideas to talk about like always! It what keeps the blog running! Thanks for reading and have a g o o d day! :]


Upcoming Topics:

-The Internet (general idea of it)

-Random Opinions (Opinions and how it works nowadays)

-Beginners Guide to Competitive Smash (where/what to watch, etc)

-Hawaii (after my trip)