Hawaii was C R I S P!

Hello! I am back to writing more posts for the blog. For those who don’t know, I went to take a trip to the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii with my family. My first day was on Tuesday (7/18), and came back home on Sunday (7/23). I will be going over what events occurred and my personal opinion on the trip as a whole.

Day 1: Day 1 wasn’t too eventful due to the semi long flight to get there. If I recall, the flight was at 11 am (?) and my family and I got there around 2ish pm (?). All I know is that the flight was 5 hours and since I live on the West Coast of the US, Hawaii time was 3 hours back. So, in a sense, I time traveled… not really. Also, my step dad booked us FIRST CLASS SEATS. I’d always thought those seats were expensive af and only for “certain kinds of people”. In reality, its just a couple hundred dollars more and everyone looks “normal”. In first class, you’re treated as if you f*cking mattered (or at least that is what it felt like LOL). Actual GOOD food was served and the seats were great. Overall, amazing experience on a plane. Moving on, my family took a bus to get to our hotel. We came to realize the hotel didn’t have our room ready. We were forced to wait about an hour, so we decided to walk around. Typically, some locations have a store that is pretty much on every street. For example, when I went to the Philippines with my mother and my brother, nearly every street had a Jolibee. For those who don’t know what Jolibee is, its a Filipino restaurant that serves well, Filipino food (and some American food). In Hawaii, there is a store simply named, ABC Store. This store included, everything. Clothes, food, beverages, souvenirs, swimming items, the whole package. Everything you would see in a mall, all in one decently sized store. These stores were on every nook and cranny of where my hotel was at. Surprisingly, all stores had a different “shape”. Their purpose were all the same, but one store would be huge, one would be circular, etc.  After looking through some stores, we decided to sit on some benches near the beach. You see, the hotel and the beach were literally right next to each other. You simply just had to cross the street and you are already on the beach. Some birds came by and swarmed my family. They were like “Sup”. Once an hour passed by, we got to go into our hotel room. Our room was on the 18th floor, and since it was near the beach, the views would be godlike. We open the door and see a “meh” kind of room. It wasn’t bad by any means, just looked kind of outdated. I mean, there was a Playstation 3 for entertainment LMAO. Although the room was mediocre, the views were 11/10. You got to on a balcony and see the beautiful ocean and the town of Waikiki. My family had the chance to unpack everything and relax for a bit. My step dad then noticed a bird on our balcony. It was very calm and looked curious. I was told to give this bird some crumbs off of this biscuit called Biscoff. I proceeded to give it to the bird and it enjoyed it. Thinking it was a cool bird, I named him Ben (or Benjamin). A few hours pass and the whole family decided to go to the beach for a swim. The beach was jam packed with people, but fortunately we found a spot to put all our stuff. We went into the crystal clear teal water. It felt amazing. The water wasn’t too deep, at most like 4-5 feet, and since it was all natural salt water, its near impossible for an adult to drown in it. After a long hour of fun in the water, we decided to eat at this restaurant called Tiki’s Bar and Grill. This restaurant had some very delicious food (ex: A burger with a fried crab (the whole crab) on a Taro Bun). After the dinner, nothing much happened afterwards, thus ending Day 1.

Day 2: Day 2 began with a breakfast at this restaurant called “Eggs n Things”. It was about 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel. It was quite small, and a line was formed just to make reservations inside. The menu was this laminated white paper with different dish options in the front and more dish options along with beverages. Consisting of English and Japanese text, there was a whole variety of food to choose from. I ordered a spinach and bacon omelette with a side of pancakes and a pineapple iced tea as a drink. The food was absolutely great and the pancakes were god tier. After the breakfast, my family decided to walk around the area and go “window shopping”. Aka, buy souvenirs and all that fun jazz. Shopping ended and we went back to our hotel room. Ben actually came over again and being the homie that he is, I fed him some more crumbs off of the same cookie. As an hour or so passed, my family heads off to this “flea market” of some sorts. It was 5 minutes away and the atmosphere was quite interesting. The buildings looked like something that come from Disney Land, but has a more “rustic and old” feel to them. The walkways were cramped AF. You can barely walk. Not only because there are some many people, but the food stands and the souvenir stands. The walkway led to an upstairs area which had more shops. I got the chance to get some sweet shirts while as I was there, so pretty happy about that. After the market, that ended Day 2.


Day 3: Day 3 was also pretty “chill and uneventful” the first half of the day. I did get to try shaved ice in Hawaii. I can’t quite remember what the flavor was called, but it consisted of like 6 different flavors like Banana, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, etc. I also got the chance to try Malasadas, which are pretty much just donuts, but focusing more on fluffiness and less flavor. My family then proceeded to go to the beach. So, at the beach, there are different sections in which people can swim in. One of them was open space galore. There was so much room, but the water was much deeper than the other sections. The waves were stronger as well. The worst part about this section in particular was the shore. The shore had so many rocks and other sharp objects that my feet got destroyed from. Never again. After messing around for half the day, around 4 pm, my family got to go to a luau. If you don’t know what a luau is, the idea of it just a Hawaiian get together. Eat and talk to practically strangers and enjoy the entertainment given. In my opinion, and also my parents, it was ok at best. I mean, the food was good, and entertainment was alright, but it wasn’t as “hype” as we thought it would be. One thing I actually, as of writing this, forgot talking was the culture in Hawaii. Of course the luau, consisted of traditional entertainment like the dances and the crazy fire spinning tricks. And of course the people that went to the luau, people from all around the world. The types of people in Hawaii were more “set” if that makes any sense. Where I am from, you see a variety of different ethnic groups everywhere you go. In Hawaii, variety isn’t really there. Not to offend anyone, its more just an observation on my part (if you do get triggered, sorry, also if I am wrong, sorry and please inform me, would love to know more). Here is my rundown on what groups were there. 50% were white people, 45% were Asians (notably Japanese and Korean), and 5% being “Other”. I assume its just probably culture that makes the population like that, idk. It was just very interesting to me and didn’t really mind it at all. The people there were really kind and friendly, which felt very welcoming. Another thing, LOL. I am just remembering all of this right now. CAN I TALK ABOUT THE AESTHETIC CUPS THEY HAVE THERE. I don’t know if any of you remember, but there was this Solo Brand cup that was sold frequently back in the day. The design was wavy, consisting of purple, teal and blue. If you don’t know what I am talking about, search up “jazz solo cup”. Anyway, seeing that cup again after so many years, it was amazing. I like how I went from ethnic groups to cups LMAOOO.


Day 4: Day 4 was more of an “exploration day”. Some of relatives back home wanted some items that are Hawaii Exclusive (ex “Li-Hing Gummy Bears”, (li hing is practically dried plum)). My family had to search many many places just get certain items like that. We would look in malls and stores that would make sense for items like those to be in. After about an hour – hour and a half, we found the items at this place called “Longs”. Longs aka A FCKING CVS. I will admit though this “CVS” was cool since it was double storied and neat. After exploring, I, of course, wanted more shaved ice. That day I got strawberry banana and it was fcking good. Walking back home and then my family proceeded to take a swim at the beach (the shallow one that doesn’t hurt your feet LOL).  Chilling for a couple of hours, we decided to eat some dinner at this burger joint called Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. It was nothing too special except for the shake. OH MY GOD. At the place, they served many different shakes. One that I ordered was Nutella flavored. HOLY SHT. THAT WAS THE MOST GODLIKE SHAKE I EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE. They made the shake like how it should be made. Just ice cream along with the flavor’s ingredients, and simply just mixing them. Where I come from, people are suuuuppper lazy when it comes to making shakes. They make shakes with milk and blending it. Thats called a milkshake, but they think of it as a normal shake. Smh. I mean, its still delicious regardless, but not the same. Dinner ended and my step dad wanted to take a break and do nothing. My mom and I wanted to explore more of the area, so we did. In Hawaii, business is at its peak during the night time. It was very weird because back home, business occurs mainly in the noon and slowly dissipates. In Hawaii, you get swarmed by people during the night. My mom and I explored the different stores and got ice cream at this place called Magnolia. Magnolia is an ice cream business, and is very popular in the places like the Philippines. Knowing that its fairly popular to our kind LOL, we had get some. I got Ube (aka purple yams) and it was C R I S P. I love ube, so good. My mom and I proceeded to walk about 2-5 miles. So far to the point where my mom got lost and I had to act as a gps. Also, the humidity in Hawaii stupid. The temperatures can be average (like 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit), but the humidity makes it feel like 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Walking back home, that concludes Day 4.

Day 5: Day 5 had barely any highlights if I remember. My family had to pack everything and make sure we could actually bring everything when we fly back. We went exploring later on, but nothing exciting. Day 5 was uneventful.

Day 6: Day 6 was sad for me. I had to leave my friend Ben behind. I fed him one last time in the morning and got to say goodbye to him. I miss him a lot, and I even set my phone’s wallpaper as Ben. That’s how much he meant to me. Since my family had a couple of hours to kill, we looked around the area one last time. I was able to scoop up a sick Hawaii jacket before we left, and I was happy that because my recent one was wearing down. We took a bus to the airport around 10 am. Our flight didn’t board and fly till 12:30 pm and 1:15 respectively. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get first class, but got premium seats. They weren’t the greatest, but better than normal seating to say the least. The plane landed at 9 pm and that was it. Back to the normal house, with my dog that my family missed a lot. Thus, ending the trip at Oahu, Hawaii. Overall, the trip was fantastic. I’d give it 8.5/10. Great experience and would want to visit Hawaii again. I’d probably go to a different island like Maui.

Thank you for reading! Funny thing is that I actually started writing this last week, but got lazy and pushed it back. Really glad I got to finish this one and now I can write about more topics! Sorry for just leaving you guys hanging. Or you probably didn’t care….. Whatever. Here’s to more topics! Give me ideas to make this blog run! Also if you have any comments, make sure to give me some! Have a  g o o d  d a y! :]


Upcoming Topics in the Future:

-Friends (in general and why I love them)

-School (since its coming up)

-Opinions (general idea and some of mine)

-Life being Life (my ups and downs with it, also philosophies)



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