EVO!!!! (Evolution 2017)

Hello peeps! Ik I missed Thursday last week. ;-;.  Things always come up and its annoying. But! I think I found I solution on putting these posts on time! In a couple of days, EVO 2017 is coming up. For those who don’t know what EVO is, EVO (or Evolution) is a tournament series hosted every year. The special thing about EVO is that its considered to be “the largest fighting game tournament” of the year. For every fighting game community (FGC), EVO is a pretty big deal for competition. Players from around the world come together at one tournament with one goal only, to win.

EVO is not only a big deal to fighting game competitors, but also to spectators like myself. Since EVO is such a big deal, you want to see high level and entertaining gameplay. EVO is all about bringing the hype every year, and you want to see if it can meet your expectations. As for people new to fighting games, there’s a whole variety of fighting games at EVO that may spark some interest. There some you may have heard before like Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., and Tekken. And there are some you may haven’t even heard of like BlazBlue, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Injustice.

If you are actually interested to see what this tournament has to offer, watch some of them live on Twitch.tv. Some of the fighting games I just mentioned will be on the front page of Twitch for you to watch. The tournament starts on July 14-July 16. As for me, I will be watching from home and enjoying every minute of it. Give it a shot! That’s really all I had to say for today! Also note, on July 18-July 23(?), I will be in Hawaii with my family. So there will not be any posts at all that until I get back. Another thing, give me some ideas to talk about like always! It what keeps the blog running! Thanks for reading and have a g o o d day! :]


Upcoming Topics:

-The Internet (general idea of it)

-Random Opinions (Opinions and how it works nowadays)

-Beginners Guide to Competitive Smash (where/what to watch, etc)

-Hawaii (after my trip)



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