Schedules & Topics

Hello! I don’t have a “legit” topic to talk about today. That and I was being lazy…again. So, I’m going to make this short and talk more about scheduling and possible topics for the future.


I will make posts every Tuesday and Thursday. There maybe some posts during the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). As of 6/27/17, this will “hopefully” remain consistent until school starts back up again which would be early August 2017. Once school starts, it would convert to weekend posts only.

*Another thing, there is a possibility I might not be able to post due to me possibly going out of state with my family around late July. Just a heads up! :]


Topics pretty much run this entire thing. If you are interested in this blog or want me to touch upon a topic, give me ideas to write about. If I think the idea would make a good post, then I’ll use your idea and even credit you at the very beginning of the post. What is considered “good”, is all up to me. So yeah. GIVE ME IDEAS K THX

Here are some that are going to be covered later on:

-More about me

-The Internet (general idea of it)

-Random Opinions (Opinions and how it works nowadays)

-Beginners Guide to Competitive Smash (where/what to watch, etc)

That’s about it! Ty for reading. :]


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